Festival at Grand Coulee Dam


The Carnival is coming to Town for the 12th Year in a Row!!
Dizzying Rides.... Lights... Music...

Food, Drinks, Cotton Candy and More !!

Starting Thursday,
May 10th & Running
thru Saturday, May
12th, 2012 !



A Unique Carnival that is designed to
bring families hours of hair raising fun!!

   Play fun games at the Huge
Arcade... Win Lots of Prizes !!


From the Thrilling
Zipper to the Nostalgic
Merry-go-Round we
have all the rides
to make you smile!!

       Enjoy the Fun !!


Paradise Amusements is
proud to run a successful Carnival
and they take great pride in their
excellent safety record.

Their passion is to deliver
an exciting, clean,
safe show for all ages.